About us

Young and ambitious

GyneBio Pharma S.A. is a pharmaceutical company created in 2011 and located in Casablanca, Morocco.


We are a rapidly growing entity, with a diversified product portfolio that covers mainly the 3 therapeutic areas of Gynecology, Psychiatry and Analgesics.

We are considered as a major player in women's health, especially in Contraception thanks to our market leader position.

Our teams are coached by experienced Managers and developed through sharp HR processes and the highest demanding professional standards.

We have 3 poles of activity:

  • Promotion
  • Trade
  • Manufacturing

In order to market high added value products -of which Biotech. ones- we seek long-term alliances with partners that share our business beliefs. We also aim at making these products affordable to the largest number of patients.

Our Territories


International presence

We have an effective international dimension through Cooper Pharma group, allowing different partnerships building across these areas (in-licensing, products purchasing, dossiers development, production subcontracting for third parties) as well as Export sales development.


Presence in:

  • Africa
  • Middle East: UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Yemen
  • Central & northern Europe

Our Products

Quality drugs for family health

Our products are especially selected for their high therapeutic added value. They are based on renowned molecules with demonstrated medical service improvement.

We are mainly present in our “DNA” field of Gynecology, Psychiatry and Analgesics.




MICRODIOL® (Desogestrel + EE / Oral contraceptive), SAFORELLE® (Burdock / Soft cleaning care), GESTARELLE G® (Vitamin complex for Pregnancy), ActiGel®, FloraPlus®, Femipatch®



XAUTIS® (Olanzapine / Antipsychotic), ATHYMIL® (Mianserine / Antidepressant)



CARTREX® (Aceclofenac / Anti-inflammatory), RAVIVA® (Meloxicam / Anti-inflammatory), BIOFREEZE® (Menthol / Cold therapy)



Filtrum® (lignin 400 mg), O’MAG® (Magnesium therapy), FORTIA® (Vitamin complex), CALCIVIT® (Calcium, vit. D, magnesium), VITOP® (Vitamin complex, iron), INROS® (Alendronic Acid)

Our Partners

We trust each other

Cooper Pharma
MC Pharma
Laboratoires IPRAD
Performance Health
AVVA Pharmaceuticals
Karo Pharma


Our industrial flagship

In the 4th quarter of 2018, GyneBio Pharma launched its pioneer production site dedicated to hormonal drugs, located in Sapino industrial park, nearby Casablanca international airport.

This structuring project, 1st in Morocco and unique in North & West Africa, aims at answering local market needs for oral contraception as well as supplying International through Export.

It has been designed with compliance to current Good Manufacturing Practices and equipped with European tools and machines of the latest generation.

Apart from contraceptives, other hormonal products will also be manufactured, depending on the identified opportunities and developed partnerships.

Production site outline


Facility of 6 200 m² specialized in hormonal products manufacturing, in accordance with newest standards regarding drastic containment and HSE responsibility.

Capacity of 8 million units / year in 1 shift and up to 20 million in 3 shifts. This production capacity can be increased to reach 40 million units / year.

European (EMA) then US (FDA) certifications will be targeted from the beginning, as well as all relevant ISO ones.

Site built with close support from European experts. Managers with thorough pharmacy education and solid industry experience. Site operators trained on best quality standards.

Our People

Excellence and dedication

Team member
Team member
Team member
Team member

GyneBio Pharma is committed to offer a quality work environment to its people.

We believe that our employees are the most valuable asset for the company’s future. This is why we want them to consider GyneBio Pharma as the best environment to achieve professional and personal growth.

Because we aim at attracting, retaining and developing the best profiles, we have implemented a tailor-made integrated HR program that covers all the processes and tools needed for high standard people management.



Total employees in 2020
Women vs men
Towards parity!
Employees under 35Y
Youth backed-up with experience

Our Values

In the walls, not only on the walls

Our ambition at GyneBio Pharma is to be recognized as a leading pharmaceutical company, thanks to our strong market position in our therapeutic areas as well as for the high quality of our products, people and services.

Relying on our teams professionalism, we want to build sound partnerships with the different health players for our patients interest.

Eight core values drive our business, each one of them being translated into observable behaviors to help embed our charter of conduct in routine company’s life and provide our Managers with a meaningful people management tool.

At individual's level

Integrity & Enterprising spirit

At team's level

Performance & Team spirit

At partner's & patient's level

Quality & Respect

At provider's level

Transparency & Image


Join Us


We intend to recruit and develop talented candidates, to make them full members of GyneBio Pharma successful future. We believe that their contribution to company growth will result in their own development at professional career level.

We aim at providing our people with best learning environment, strongly encouraging performance, creativity, accountability and team spirit.

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Latest News

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GyneBio Pharma and Mithra

Gynebio Pharma concludes an agreement with Belgian Mithra

October, 2020

Mithra grants exclusive license to GyneBio Pharma for commercialization of its combined oral contraceptive Estelle® in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia...

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GyneBio Pharma and Wooshin

Gynebio Pharma concludes an agreement with Korean Wooshin

Quarter 2, 2019

GyneBio Pharma and the Korean pharmaceutical company Wooshin concluded an agreement aiming at marketing for a patch for the relief of menstrual cramps...

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GyneBio Pharma and BioClin

GyneBio Pharma concludes an agreement with dutch BioClin!

June, 2017

GyneBio Pharma entered into an agreement with BioClin, a Dutch innovation company founded in 1989, in order to enable Moroccan women...

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GyneBio Pharma and Sanzyme

GyneBio Pharma and Sanzyme: a fertile partnership!

Quarter 3, 2017

GyneBio Pharma and the Indian pharmaceutical company Sanzyme Limited concluded an agreement aiming at marketing high level fertility products...

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